Rabu, 11 Mac 2009


CREATION AD  SERVICES (CADS) opens its doors to advertising, art design & art decor business. For us, our business philosophy has always been to provide the best possible, trouble-free services in consultation & management to suit our clients budget. 

This, we believe is our forte and has lead us to grow. Now, Creation AD is better prepared to give our customers more services in consultant from concept of designs, management, manufacturing to installation. we are ready to serve you all the way. 

As the business scenario of our advertising & trading industry is rapidly growing. The Malaysian companies are placing more emphasis on advertising as a means of promotion for their products and services. There is a greater demand for high tech advertising methods and the number of such service provides are on the rise. 


In view of this, Creation AD is garnering the potentials of the industry by providing the best possible to cater for various advertising & management needs of individuals and corporate clients alike. We believe there is still a relatively wide untapped market and the prospect of the industry is rather promising. 


Creation AD is always proactive to upgrade itself in all categories of its core expertise. We aim to become a leading solutions provider in the art design, art decor & advertising by securing an entrenched niche in the country as well as putting our self on the international map. 

Contact us :-

Mohd Haniff Omar ( Hann )
H/P : 013.336.3099
email : hann.creation@gmail.com

Our Factory :-

Lot 2127, Batu 11 3/4, Jalan Cheras,
43000 Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel / Fax : +603 - 8737 7419
email : creation.ad2009@gmail.com


Inkjet Printing

Indoor/Outdoor Signages'

Billboard/Lightbox/Box-up Lettering/Etching...

Art Decoration

Wall Display/Frosted Sticker/Wall Sticker...


Acrylic Display Panel

Inkjet Sticker Decor-Art

Acrylic Chrome c/w LED Light

Acrylic Pop-up c/w Chrome Spray

Hoarding Advertisement

Landmark Signage

Inkjet Sticker Pillar Wrapping

Reflective Sticker Signage

3D Chanel Signage

Sided Light-box

3D Chanel Signage

Mural Logo Painting Wall

Directional Pole Art

Typo - Art Craft

LED Box-up Logo & Lettering

LED Box-up Logo


E.G Box-up Lettering & Acrylic 

Advertisement Board

Acrylic Box-up Lettering

Light-box with Acrylic Laser-cut

Hoarding Signage Sticker / Tarpoulin

Acrylic Board with Inkjet Sticker (Reverse)

E.G Box-up Lettering with Spray Painting

Router-cut Box-type Cases

Acrylic Laser-cut with Sticker Inkjet

Inkjet Sticker - Wall Graphic

Box-up Lettering - Backlit

Outdoor Signage & Acrylic Laser-cut

Frosted/Sandblasted Sticker - Glass

Stainless Steel Laser-cut & Etching

Stainless Steel Box-up Lettering - Hairline

Light-box with Box-up Lettering

Box-up Lettering Signage - Backlit

Stalinless Steel Box-up Lettering - Stand Finishing

Acrylic & Stainless Steel Lettering - Curve

Pictogram Signage with Inkjet Sticker

Pictogram Signage

Outdoor Signage Zig-zag Finishing

Display Panel Decoration

Display Panel

Stainless Steel with Etching Box Type

Wall Graphic - Inkjet Sticker

Wall Graphic & Display Panel - Stall

Wall Graphic & Display Decoration


Signage & Display Decoration


Kiosk - Inkjet Sticker

Boxes Art Decoration

Cafe Display Decoration

Wall Graphic & Box Type Signage

Puzzle - Light - Box Display

Box-up Lettering - Light-box

Custom Made - Display Lighting

Chrome Stainless Steel Box-up Lettering - Backlit

Custom Made - Display Light-box

Custom Made - Display Light-box

Clear Acrylic Laser-cut

Transparent Sticker Plotter-cut

Ceiling & Floor Inkjet Sticker

Food Court Wooden Display & Checker Plate

Display Rack Panel


Acrylic Notice Board - Pylon

 Corporate Transport - Sticker Plotter-cut

Safety Signage

Canvas Signage

Light-box Panel

Acrylic Signage - Laser-cut

LCD Advertisement Board & Free Standee Signage

Stainless Steel Box-up Lettering ( Hairline )


Directional Billboard

LED & Acrylic Display Panel

Free Stand - Billboard

Project Hoarding Signage

Acrylic Display Panel

Pylon Lighted - Box

Plotter Cutting - Wall Sticker

Light - Box Signage

Building Signage

Internal Pylon - Directional Signage

Outdoor Pylon - Directional Signage

Box-up Lettering & Etching

Indoor Hoarding

Stainless Steel Box-up Lettering - Backlit

Etching & S/Steel Acrylic

Branding Sticker

Light - Box & Directional Signage

Outdoor Hoarding

Temporary Billboard

Box Type Signage & Sticker Wall

Landmark Signage ( Lighted Lettering )

Replica of Refflesia Flower

LED Backlit Signage ( Box-up Lettering )

Landmark Pylon

Ceiling Signage ( S/Steel Drop-in Bending Finish )

Notice Board ( Sandwich finish )